Organisational chart


Director (1)

IN2P3 Director assistant

Deputy director (1)

Director assistant

Nuclear safety and radioprotection

Computer security

Deputy scientific direction

Particle and hadronic physics (1)

Director assistant

Astroparticles and cosmology (1)

Director assistant

Nuclear physics and applications (1)

Director assistant

Accelerators and technologies (1)

Director assistant

Computing and data science (1)

Director assistant

Interdisciplinary science (1)

Director assistant

Laboratories and sites (1)

Director assistant

Deputy administrative director

Deputy administrative direction (1)

Director assistant

Assistant to the deputy administrative director

Recruitment, human resources, structures and other bodies (2)

IT recruitment, researchers and unit monitoring

Training officer

Budget and finances (2)

Financial management, training

Allocation and monitoring of resources, financial management

Partnerships, Europe and international cooperation (3)

Partnership monitoring

European affairs

Legal officer

Project information system (1)

Statistics, information system administration

Head of communication (4)

Administrative support

Particle physics communication and social media

Chargée de communication

Education programme officer

Deputy technical direction

Deputy technical director (1)

Director assistant

Projects management




Chargés de mission

Equality and scientific impact officer

Theory and phenomenology officer

Scientific and technical information officer

Continuous training officer

Energy officer