Sustainable Development Unit

The institute's laboratories are involved in thinking about and implementing concrete actions to reduce the environmental impact of their activities. This page lists the sustainable development referents in each laboratory.

APC Paris Maude Le Jeune
CC-IN2P3 Lyon Stéphane Lepers
CPPM Marseille Thierry Mouthuy
EGO Cascina (It) Nicolas Arnaud
GANIL Caen Franck Sobrio
IJCLab Orsay Guillaume Blanc
IP2I Lyon Florian Ruppin
IPHC Strasbourg Sandrine Courtin
L2IT Toulouse Jan Stark
LAPP Annecy Emmanuel Pacaud >
LLR Palaiseau Arnd Specka
LP2IB Bordeaux Thierry Reposeur
LPC Clermont Samuel Calvet
LPCC Caen Samuel Salvador
LPNHE Paris Tristan Beau
LPSC Grenoble Fabienne Ledroit
LUPM Montpellier Alice Faure
SUBATECH Nantes Jacopo Ghiglieri

IN2P3 sustainable development's coordinator: Samuel Calvet (

IN2P3 sustainable development's referent: Sébastien Incerti (

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