Our exhibitions and events

IN2P3 co-pilots a Parisian museum devoted to the history of the discovery of radioactivity and its laboratories offer exploration spots or even visits to their instruments.



  • The Musée Curie in Paris: located in the former laboratory of Marie Curie near the Pantheon, it combines new technologies, archival documents and ancient objects in a 120-m2 space that was renovated in 2012. The office and laboratory of Marie Curie can be visited and the history of radioactivity and radiotherapy are detailed, as are the different scientific discoveries of the Curies and the Joliot-Curies, the family of five Nobel Prize winners. Admission is free. Guided tours and some activities are available upon registration.
  • L’espace EUTOPIA in Annecy: Through the visit of its multimedia discovery space EUTOPIA, LAPP proposes the discovery of physics in a novel way to school groups and associations.
  • The Petits secrets de l'univers (small secrets of the Universe) exhibition in Modane: The permanent exhibition of the underground Modane laboratory (Laboratoire souterrain de Modane) is an interactive space which proposes to let the visitor discover cosmic rays, natural radioactivity and the history of its discovery. Entrance is free and guided tours are available on request.
  • The CC-IN2P3 computing museum in Lyon: Visitors can discover the history of computing, from the first calculating machines to cloud computing, including the first personal computers. The museum also shows that the physics community has been at the forefront of computer developments, for example by inventing the Web. Visits are possible all year round for schoolchildren and for everyone during the 'Particule.com Festival' that is organised every other year as part of the French Fête de la Science (science Festival Days).
  • Travelling exhibitions: Our old exhibitions - some copies of which are available in several IN2P3 laboratories - on LHC and accelerators, cancer, cosmic rays and secrets of the Universe - can be consulted on this archived page.
  • Visit an accelerator: Teachers can request a visit of the Grand accélérateur national d'ions lourds in Caen for their classes. For the general public, open days are organised every two years. More information.




IN2P3 and its laboratories participate in, or organise, many scientific events for the general public such as La Fête de la Science (October), Dark Matter Day (November), CNRS Forum, Ma thèse en 180 secondes (My thesis in 3 minutes regional, national and international finals) etc. To find out more, please contact the IN2P3 communication group or your lab communication staff.