Second Annual Meeting of EURO-LABS

From 13:00
to 13:00
IFJ PAN ul. Radzikowskiego 152 31-342 Kraków

The second annual meeting of EURO-LABS (SAM EURO-LABS) will be held in Krakow on 9-11 October 2023 and will be hosted by IFJ PAN. During this meeting, the activities of the first year of EURO-LABS will be analysed and the strategy and objectives for the next year will be discussed and the first EURO-LABS Annual Report will be finalised and submitted. The meeting will conclude with the EURO-LABS Steering Committee meeting.

URO-LABS (European-Laboratories for Accelerator Based Sciences) is a four-year project funded under the European Commission's Horizon Europe programme. EURO-LABS provides effective access to a network of 47 research infrastructures to conduct curiosity-driven research, address fundamental questions and technological challenges and train the next generation of researchers.
EURO-LABS started on 1 September 2022 and the kick-off meeting was held in Bologna on 3-5 October. The presentations offered a detailed overview of the research infrastructure and facilities providing particle and ion beams. The meeting provided a first overview of the strengths and synergies of the community and allowed the teams to get to know each other and explore avenues for future collaborations.