Joint call for proposals CNRS / Chicago University

Appel à projet
This joint call for proposals is open in the following areas : 
  • 1)  Metamaterials design and fabrication
  • 2) Polymeric systems for applications in energy sustainability, and health 
  • 3) Anisotropic and active matter, including liquid crystals and amorphous solids
  • 4) Astro-particle physics
  • 5) Artificial intelligence (AI) enabled materials research
  • 6) Immune system engineering
  • 7) Mathematics
  • 8) Biological engineering, Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology
  • 9) Quantum engineering
  • 10) Social sciences
  • 11) Cognition
  • 12) Digital Humanities.
The joint call is intended to fund up to 3 years of a PhD fellowship and travelstarting in the Autumn of 2020.
Students are expected to befinancially supported by their home institution, at the equivalent level of a PhD fellowship in the specific program at their host institution. Additional funds will cover mobility costs for visits to France & to UChicago for the PI and the PhD student (up to 5 000 € -or USD equivalent- per institution, per year).