Workshop HTCondor 2023

From 9:00
to 14:00
Auditorium Joliot Curie Bâtiment 100 15 Rue Georges Clémenceau 91400 Orsay

The European HTCondor workshop will be held this year from 19 to 22 September at IJCLab. The event will provide an opportunity to meet the developers of HTCondor. This system makes it possible to create a high-throughput computing (HTC) environment on a campus by harnessing the computing power of networked machines.

The workshop will cover the practical aspects of using the HTCCondor software system, with general presentations on how the interface works and how it is administered, as well as tutorials. It will also be an opportunity for the HTCCondor developers to get feedback from researchers on the use of the software interface in their research work. Participation in this workshop is open to all, including companies.

More information :

Informations and registrations on the indico page of the event.