Workshop Higgs Hunting 2023

From 8:25
to 18:45
Auditorium P. Lehmann Bâtiment 200 IJCLab 91400 Orsay

It took decades of hunting at multiple particle colliders to finally unearth the Higgs boson. Ten years after this momentous discovery, the hunt for the origin of electroweak symmetry breaking continues. This central question will be the subject of the thirteenth edition of the Higgs Hunting workshop, which will take place this year from 11 to 13 September at the IJCLab in Orsay.

This year's workshop will focus on several themes:

- The search for new physics through precision studies of the Higgs boson, including its spin, mass and coupling with other Standard Model particles.

- Themes on new modes of production and decay in particular in processes involving several Higgs bosons, which provide valuable information on the potential form of the Higgs.

- New Higgs-like states and signals for the search for physics beyond the Standard Model.

More information :

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