Meetings of Moriond 2023

Hotel Planibel 11016 La Thuile, Italie

The Moriond 2023 meetings will take place this year from March 18 to April 1, 2023, in La Thuile, a ski station in the Aosta Valley in Italy. These meetings are an opportunity for participants to have in-depth scientific discussions, while enjoying the setting of the Italian Alps.

The Moriond 2023 meetings will focus on 4 themes spread over two sessions of one week each. Here is the program:

From March 18 to 25, 2023:

  • Electroweak Interactions & Unified Theories

    • The Standard Model: precision tests
    • Search for the Higgs Boson
    •  Beyond the Standard Model: searches, supersymmetry, rare processes, extradimensions, …
    • Flavour physics and CP violation
    • ...


  • Gravitation
    • Gravitational waves detection from the coalescence of black holes and neutron star mergers
    • Tests of the equivalence principle
    • Modified gravity theories
    • Cosmology, primordial black holes and gravitational waves
    • ...

From March 25 to April 1:

  • Quantum Mesoscopic Physics

    • Mesoscopic physics
    • Nanodevices, Nanoelectronics, Nanospintronics, Nanoelectromechanics
    • Superconducting circuits
    • Quantum Information in electronic devices
    • ...


  • QCD & High Energy Interactions

    • Searches for New Physics
    • Phenomenology of Physics Beyond the Standard Model
    • Production and Properties of the Higgs Boson
    • Properties of the Top quark
    • ...


More information:

Informations and registrations on the indico page of the event.