4th International Conference on Advances in Radioactive Isotope Science (ARIS)

From 18:00
to 13:00
Palais des papes Place du Palais 84000 Avignon

After an absence of several years, the ARIS conference, which focuses on advances in the science of radioactive isotopes, returns to the magnificent city of the popes, Avignon, between 4 and 9 June 2023.

On the agenda:


  • Nuclear structure and reactions
  • New approaches in nuclear theory
  • Nuclear astrophysics including nucleosynthesis and compact objects
  • Ground-state properties and fundamental interactions in nuclei
  • Drip-line nuclei, heavy elements and fission
  • Radioactive ion beam production and experimental developments
  • Applications of radioisotopes in medicine and other fields

More information :

Information and registration on indico page of the event.