Documentary portal

Access to the network of documentalists, publication databases and the Institute's photo library.

The DEMOCRITE network at IN2P3

IN2P3 DEMOCRITE network of documentalists has developed a scientific and technical information (STI) policy that offers shared services for the whole community.

The HAL open archives portal

The HAL multidisciplinary open archive is intended for the deposit and distribution of research level scientific articles, published or not, and theses. These emanate from French or foreign teaching and research institutions and both public and private laboratories.

IN2P3 documentary resources on ATRIUM

Atrium is a documentary platform that is widely used in laboratories and by IN2P3 management. It is accessible to all members of the Institute to store, manage and archive their documents securely.

IN2P3 photo library

IN2P3 photo library is a database of images from laboratories. It is managed by the laboratory communication correspondents and the Institute's communication cell, providing everyone with the visual resources they need for their work.