Fête de la Science 2023


The Fête de la Science, which will take place in mainland France between 6 and 16 October, is back every year in the IN2P3 laboratories. This event is an opportunity for the Institute's researchers to talk to the general public about their work and research in the field of the two infinities. Ask for the programme !

Once again this year, several IN2P3 laboratories will be opening their doors for the Fête de la Science. On the menu: open doors, experimental workshops for children, tours, lectures and much more. Discover the programme for this 2023 edition of the Fête de la Science, laboratory by laboratory:


Come and meet the researchers working every day to better understand our world during an open weekend on 7 and 8 October 2023. During this event, organised as part of the Fête de la Science, there will be tours, workshops, lectures and more. Discover the programme for this weekend of festivities and discoveries.

Find out more about the full programme and how to register for the activities planned at LAPP/LAPTh on the event's web page.


The Subatech laboratory will be taking part in the Fête de la Science at the Nantes planetarium and its science village on 7 and 8 October 2023. On the programme, the laboratory will be offering four varied activities aimed at schoolchildren. Among them, visitors will have the opportunity to discover KM3NeT's flagship project, understand how the fog chamber works, explore radioactivity in our daily lives and get an introduction to nuclei mapping.

For details of the programme, opening times and how to get there, visit the Fête de la Science "Pays de la Loire" website.


The LLR is also taking part in the Fête de la Science on 13 and 14 October 2023. October 13 will be devoted to welcoming schoolchildren (primary, secondary and high schools). During this day of discovery, young people will be able to explore particle physics in a fun way with the Ludoparticles Ki est Ki, a board game that provides a simple representation of the particles of the Standard Model. They will also be able to discover the fog chamber, and explore particle physics through the video game developed by the Science X chair.

The general public will be welcomed on 14 October and will be able to take part in a tour entitled "The awakening of the LHC", as well as discovering the LLR stand reproducing the control room of the SuperKamiokande experiment, where they will be able to take part in the activities offered to young people the day before. Finally, Thomas Mueller will give a talk entitled "Le neutrinos en flagrant délit de transformation", giving an introduction to the strange phenomenon of neutrino oscillation.


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The Fête de la Science is a national event, so find out more about science near you by exploring the programme region by region.